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PARTY'S OVER: Thomas Cook set to call time on boozy Club 18-30

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Have millennials killed the Club 18-30 holiday?

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Now Magaluf locals want to CLOSE the resort's bars and nightclubs to stop  boozy Brits coming to Mallorca

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New Magaluf video emerges of Brit pair 'having full sex' in night club |  Closer

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Insensible: drunk tourists on a street in the holiday resort of Magaluf,  Majorca

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EXCLUSIVE: Brits' pub crawl ban in Magaluf! Cops to blitz bars

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A conga line of sexy something or others (could be nurses, probably  schoolgirls) make their way up the hill led by a bar crawl rep. One of them  lags behind, ...

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Magaluf used to be known just as a casual sex hotspot but now it has become  a warzone as boozy tourists battle with cops and bouncers
Young british boys and girls are putting themselves at risk in magaluf by bingeing on alcohol. In case you can’t tell from these pictures, things got “pretty fucking messy”.. A twitter user posted a photo of two couples having sex in the car park of. Instagram. Magaluf wants to change its party image (getty images). A group of women wear gb t-shirts as the parties start in magaluf. Drunken tourists in magaluf had ‘€45,000 stolen from them by a gang of bar owners’. Magaluf. A dwarf gets o top of a bride to be in a club. Magaluf. What it’s really like to spend a summer working in magaluf, the ultimate brits-behaving-badly resort. Magaluf bar. Nightclub closed after woman performs sex act on man for free drink in front of revellers – world news – mirror online. Magaluf party shut down as bosses close clubs popular with boozy brits. Magaluf, popular for its cheap clubs and bars, has earned its reputation as one. According to new figures from the foreign office, 10 britons a week in majorca and. . Foto: profimedia/exclusivepix. Magaluf office club. Shutterstock & facebook sex …. Brits abroad: sunburnt revellers hit the town. The full moon party at ocean’s beach club in magaluf encouraging a dentist’s chair drinking game. ‘magaluf girl’ bar ordered to pay €55,000 fine following ‘mamading’ video investigation. . At its peak over 100,000 people travelled to ayia napa, magaluf or malia with the infamous holiday brand. Too much, too young: the age of british drinkers in magaluf is falling from. Magaluf club. Magaluf body blow: booze brits face quieter hols after 4,000 plus mega club shuts. Geordie shore girls holly, chloe, marnie & chantelle leave club project in magaluf drunk – youtube. Magaluf on the spanish island of majorca is a popular party resort for british tourists. … around two weeks left to appeal their closure notices – it’s certain that they will, and it seems probable that they’ll win. but if magaluf girl does …. Magaluf night life. *** journalist rhodri phillips does a carnage. The truth about magaluf. The magaluf weekender. There is one destination that looms larger than all others in the landscape of british package holidays. lanzarote, benidorm, faliraki, amsterdam – sure, …. Magaluf. British tourists and club owners protest knife-wielding prostitutes in party destination magaluf. Bad end to the night: this woman has no friends to comfort her as she. Teenager’s eyes ‘split’ open after he was shot in with paint gun at magaluf club | metro news. The time i explored the magaluf party scene … and regretted it. Drinkers are ignoring the new magaluf bans brought in after girl gave head to 24 men. Magaluf turns into vice hotspot with ‘girls charging brits just £15 for sex and tourists buying cheap drugs openly on the street’. Tokio joes. . ‘skint’ magaluf lifts bar crawl ban to lure brits back after girl’s 24-man sex act shame. ‘. Magaluf in majorca, nicknamed shagaluf, moves to transform its image. Carnage magaluf is an events company based on the spanish resort island of majorca. it&. Boozy brits caught having public sex all over magaluf by facebook page launched to shame randy tourists. Jenna mcalpine. Some tourists having a lovely time in magaluf (photo: jamie lee curtis taete). A woman wearing revealing hot pants was spotted on the strip as a group of partygoers. Brits offered sex for just £15 as magaluf descends into vice hotspot. Members of the public are oblivious to their antics. After bidding tomo an emotional farewell at kfc, i make my way to magaluf rocks, a bar owned by the promoters behind carnage magaluf, and where one of their …. . Local civil guard officers have identified the bar – alex’s place – where the public sex. A british teenager was filmed performing a sex act on 24 men in a magaluf bar. Magaluf fight. . Party-going tourists hang out on punta ballena street, also known as ‘the. Magaluf promoters appeal to binge-drinking brits saying sex scandal drink ban ‘won’t change anything’. Carnage magaluf is one of many companies offering bar crawls in magaluf. on its website. ‘here for the sex games!’ magaluf is where britons ‘go mental and go home’. Magaluf apartments face boycott by uk holiday companies after third tourist dies from balcony fall. Magaluf bar that housed raunchy sex acts now closed. Tourist injured in magaluf. Donald trump’s slogan makes magaluf great again. Magaluf. Magaluf. The bars of magaluf contain a lethal mix of young people wanting to have a good. Magaluf sex video shame prompts ban on british tourists drinking on streets – world news – mirror online. Brits abroad shout ‘go home’ to woman at magaluf protest. Magaluf sex video: towie stars pull out of pool party set up by pub crawl organisers. . Magaluf girl: irish teenager filmed performing sex act on 24 men ‘will return to spanish resort this summer’. Magaluf bar and club night carnage closed down and owners fined. One woman – wearing just a pair of skimpy black hot pants and a small grey. By 6am, after talking to plumbers from watford, pr girls from manchester and personal trainers from leeds, i’m thoroughly bantered out.. . Michelle keegan working in magaluf nightclub less than three months after quitting corrie. Majorca tourist nightmare: boozy law-breaking britons strip naked in the street. . Cursach’s crowning glory, the bcm nightclub in magaluf, which has recently been closed down. Of course, it wasn’t just stags – there were hens, too. my favourites were these girls, who you could imagine being respectable, responsible women back in …. . Hollyoaks: mcqueens do magaluf – with richard arnold! behind the scenes at mercedes’ hen party. Vlog # 12 : 24 hour trip to mallorca – sex, magaluf, girls & business. Is she ok?. Oceans beach club mallorca – magaluf. Brit, 19, found dead in magaluf after plunging from seventh floor balcony.